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And I am here to tell you the story of a mother's quest to understand the murder of her sons, and how she could have saved them. 

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The Cross I had to carry....

WARRENSVILLE HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - It was a violent scene in Warrensville Heights in February 2015 at the Chalk Linez barbershop.

Six people were shot, three were killed, including 31-year-old Brandon White Ladson. His brother Aaron had just left the barber shop before the shooting, but was gunned down weeks later, executed because he was set to testify against suspects in his brother's murder.

The mother of both men, Angela Ladson, talking to our Scott Taylor, her first full interview since the crimes.

"It makes no sense," Ladson said. "Now walking back into this place when it use to be the Chalk LineZ. It brought back so many tears. So much pain. So much hurt to know my son was laying here in this shop." Ladson has watched quietly as drive-by shootings have claimed the lives of other mothers' children in Cleveland. Now she wants laws changed to protect kids.

"People who have access to guns, maybe they should change the law and up the age or something like that. Something has to be done,"

Ladson said.

Aaron Ladson was gunned down in his grandmother's driveway. He was strapping his daughter into a car seat. Police have no suspects in that crime.

"All the pain that mothers and fathers carrying around the pain and someone who knows that person who has done something won't speak up,"

Ladson said.

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